Schedule and fees


In the same way that your car needs regular maintenance to function optimally: gas, oil changes, regular tune-ups, and the occasional larger investment of a replacement part — investing in your health is necessary to achieve optimum vitality and quality of life.

Medical consultations

Comprehensive Initial consultation $250 for a limited time only, $325 value (remote video or in-person, 60 minutes)

Return visit, brief $125 (remote video or in-person, 30 minutes)

Return visit, comprehensive $175 (remote video or in-person, 45 minutes)

15 minute phone check-in $65

Note that there are additional charges for medications, supplements, and labwork. We work with different lab companies to provide the best options based on individual needs.


PRP knee/shoulder injections for pain management $450 - $700 (depending on number of locations)

Neurofeedback $150/treatment, $125/treatment for $750 6 treatment package (buy 5, get 1 free), $125/treatment for a $2500 20 session package (comprehensive initial consultation fee of $250 waived)

Medical Spa Treatments

Craniosacral therapy $125 (50 minutes)

Ayurvedic Lymphatic Skin Brushing and Medicated Herbal Massage $180 (80 minutes)

Ayurvedic Medicated Herbal Massage (Abhyanga) $120 (50 minutes)

Ayurvedic Lymphatic Skin Brushing (Garshana) $75 (30 minutes)